The functions of the Community shall be to promote, co-ordinate and harmonize all activities of the coconut industry with a view to achieving the maximum economic development of the coconut industry, and to these ends the Community shall:

  1. Provide a forum to promote friendship and cooperation among its member states and associate members and for the various interest groups of the coconut industry to exchange expertise, information and thereby identify common problems with a view to formulate policies and programs taking into account the experience of its member states, associate members, other coconut producing countries and related commodities.
  2. Make proposals and recommendations to the Governments of its member states and associate members and take appropriate measures to implement those approved by them.
  3. Support measures to increase coconut and farm productivity in order to uplift the economic and social conditions of the coconut farmers especially the smallholders.
  4. Encourage and assist its member states and associate members to improve the efficiency and diversification of coconut processing industry to maximize the utilization of their industrial potential.
  5. Promote concerted efforts to maintain, expand and diversify the trade in coconut products both among its member states, associate members and elsewhere and also take steps to counter any adverse publicity leveled against them.
  6. Assist in improving trade relations between exporters and importers and their countries especially in regard to reduction or elimination of trade restrictions.
  7. Assist and encourage its member states and associate members to improve the quality of coconut products to meet the increasing demands made by the consumers.
  8. Establish quality standards for coconut products acceptable to both producers and consumers and update them as the need arises.
  9. Assist its member states and associate members to identify, and to prioritize their research activities by promoting the coordination of research and intensify such activities by mobilizing external resources and technical assistance through international donor agencies.
  10. Collect, analyze, and package information on all aspects of coconut and related products and disseminate such information as necessary to meet the various needs of the industry.7
  11. Facilitate and provide training under the context of Technical Co-operation among Developing Countries, hereinafter referred as TCDC and other programs in order to meet the varying needs of the different segments of the industry.
  12. Assist its member states and associate members to encourage investment in the coconut sector and accelerate the development of the coconut industry particularly through participation of the private sector.
  13. Make requests on behalf of the Community for financial, technical and other forms of assistance in support of the coconut industry and receive and administer such assistance as may be offered to it under the various assistance programs of the United Nations and its specialized agencies or from any other sources.
  14. Collaborate and cooperate with appropriate national and international agencies to achieve the aims and objectives of the Community.
  15. Perform such other functions deemed necessary to achieve the aims and objectives of the Community.

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