Coordination Meeting between ICC and the Government of Kenya


A virtual coordination meeting between the ICC Secretariat and the Nuts and Oil Crops Directorate, Agriculture and Food Authority, Government of Kenya, was convened on 3rd February 2022. This is part of the activities of ICC in Dialogue and Communications with National Liaison Officers (NLOs) of the ICC Member Countries.

The meeting was attended by Madam Rosemary Owino, Acting Director, Nuts and Oil Crops Directorate Agriculture and Food Authority, the NLO of ICC for the government of Kenya, along with Ms. Lily Chebet Kiptoo, Deputy Director, Technical and Advisory Services and Mr. Innocent Masira, Market Development Officer. The ICC... read more

Field Visit to the largest coconut producing district in Indonesia: from Indragiri hilir, Riau to the world


Indragiri Hilir is the largest coconut producing district in Riau Province and Indonesia. Coconuts from the area are distributed to the coconut industry around the region, and some have been exported to Malaysia and Thailand. The high demand for coconut products from the global market and low coconut production have prompted local and central governments to urgently take action plans to increase coconut production and improve farmers' livelihoods through the production of high-value-added products.


As a continuation of the official visit of the Executive Director,... read more

The Government of Riau Province Invited ICC to an FGD on Coconut Sector Development


In order to develop the economic potential of the people in Riau Province, especially coconut plantations, the Riau Province Government through the Research and Development Planning Agency (Bappedalitbang) held a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with the International Coconut Community (ICC), at the Bappedalitbang Office, Riau, on Wednesday 26 January 2022. Head of Riau Bappedalitbang, Ir. Emri Juli Harnis, M.T, Ph.D. said that the Riau Provincial Government has the greatest potential in the field of the largest coconut plantations in Indonesia. Riau is the largest coconut-producing area in Indonesia. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the agricultural sector in Indonesia still showed... read more