Half a Truth is Often a Great Lie: On Coconut Oil and Heart Disease


On January 4th, 2021, the New York Times published an article entitled “Does Coconut Oil Deserve Its Health Halo?”[i], which challenged the health properties of coconut oil and the claims that it is a “miracle food.”

While it is wrong to tout coconut oil as a “miracle food”, it is equally wrong to criticize it based on half-truths.

This article presents the other half of the truth on three issues that were brought up in the article: LDL cholesterol, lauric acid, and the coconut diet.

Half-truth #1: Coconut oil raises “artery-damaging” LDL cholesterol

There... read more

Visit of Executive Director and Assistant Director, ICC to Morotai Island Regency, North Maluku


Dr. Jelfina C.Alouw, Executive Director, and Ms. Mridula Kottekate, Assistant Director, visited Morotai Island Regency from 19th to 24th March 2021.

Team of Balit Palma, Manado, North Sulawesi under the leadership Prof. Meldy L. A.HosangMs., Sukmawati Mawardi, a coconut breeder, and Ms. Juniaty Kalesaran Sundalangi, an Entomologist, also joined the ICC team at Morotai Island Regency. The main objective of the survey is to assess the current situation relating to coconut palms showing symptom similar to Phytoplasma infection and to collect the sample from coconut garden at Morotai as informed by scientist from Balit Palma. This visit is as part of the... read more

Participation of ICC as an observer in the 31st Session of the Intergovernmental Group on Oil Seeds, Oils and Fats


The 31st Session of the Intergovernmental Group on Oilseeds, Oils, and Fats held virtually on 4-5 March 2021 on an exceptional basis, in light of the global COVID-19 pandemic and the associated public health concerns and constraints. The Government of the Republic of Indonesia hosted the session.

The session was attended by 66 FAO member countries and three observer organizations including International Coconut Community. ICC team represented by Dr. Jelfina C. Alouw, Executive Director; Assistant Director, and Market and Statistics Officer.

The Session was opened by Mr. Gustaf Daud Sirait of the Republic of Indonesia, Chairperson of the... read more